"We don't fight for belts or trophies. We fight so tomorrow won't be taken away from us."

Bá-Lan Corag

Learn a most unique and comprehensive system with practical, realistic and proven combat tactics and strategies, from ancient combat to modern combat! 

Bá-Lan Corag is a vision, an ideology, a way of life!

Training and Services

Get exposed to a large variety of combat training including sword and spear fighting, knife and baton fighting, empty hand tactics and counter terrorism! 

Or consult our knowledge and expertise in the form of a consultation on a large variety of security and safety topics!

The A.R.E.N.D. System

Become a more aware and prepared individual and increase your Personal Safety skills according to the principles of the A.R.E.N.D. System. 

Buy the internationally published book called The A.R.E.N.D. System Manual!